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What a Buyer's Agent Will Do For You In Kansas City


A real estate agent is an important first step to your home-buying experience. Your Kansas City realtor will handle your transaction from start to finish, and finding the right agent is crucial to the process. Understanding what a buyer's agent can do for you is essential to selecting the best one for your needs.

A buyer's agent represents the prospective home buyer. Seller's agents represent those who are selling a home. You may have done some searching for a home already and you may have found the property you are looking for. This is the time to find a real estate agent to handle your purchase. If you have not yet begun searching for a new home, you may want to contact an agent to help you get started.

First-time home buyers, in particular, should contact a real estate agent in order to avoid making costly mistakes. A buyer's real estate agent will work with you in your search for a new home that is within your budget and meets your requirements. He will not waste your time or his, steering you away from any home that doesn't meet your criteria, saving you money and helping to avoid any pitfalls, such as a property that might look good on the surface but has hidden problems.

The buyer's agent selects a variety of properties suited to your specifications, then schedules appointments to view those homes. The agent will help you decide which home is the right one for you by explaining the pros and cons and various options regarding that property. Negotiating on your behalf, the agent will help you make an offer, drawing up the contract and presenting it to the seller's agent. He will handle all the paperwork required. An experienced real estate agent can do this efficiently and correctly.

Finding the right lender is also something the real estate agent can do for you. He can recommend reliable mortgage brokers, attorneys who specialize in real estate transactions, inspectors and tradesmen, moving companies, and more. The agent will expedite every step of the process in buying a home. If you select a home that meets everything on your list except for a few minor problems that need to be addressed, and you want to buy it, the real estate agent will work on your behalf, communicating with the seller's agent to secure an agreement from the seller to make the repairs.

To find the right real estate agent in Kansas City who can handle your transaction to completion, you can conduct online searches, check out the Yellow Pages, or call a few random offices. You can ask for referrals from friends and relatives, or check out the ads in the newspaper. There are a variety of ways to begin your search. You should settle on at least three agents to contact initially, and arrange for an appointment to meet with them. The agent should be eager to answer all your questions. Look at online reviews of the agent, recent listings. Ask the agent about his experience and credentials, and request a few references from his recent clients.

A good buyer's agent can be the difference in a successful home buying experience or a disastrous one. Ed Rippee, Re/Max results, is a qualified, experienced Kansas City real estate agent with an established business and many satisfied home buyers to his credit. You won't go wrong by scheduling an appointment to meet with Ed to find out what he can do for you. Call today 816-213-9362, or visit online at http://www.edrippee.com/

What Do Kansas City Realtors Do to Sell Your Home During the Holidays?

Kansas City Realtors Ed Rippee Remax Results holiday staging sell hom
Kansas City realtors can help you sell your house this holiday season. It is the perfect time to put your home on the market because at this time of year there are fewer homes out there so yours will stand out to prospective home buyers. 
Staging your home is extremely important. When people walk in the door, set out potpourri in pine or cinnamon scents, or let them enjoy the aroma of fresh-baked cookies. Welcome them by providing some hot cocoa, cider or coffee to help take the chill off when they come in from outdoors, and make sure there is a fire lit in the fireplace.
Some people go all out for the holidays and decorate inside and outside their home. But not everyone celebrates the same way, so keeping seasonal decorations to a minimum is key. If you do decorate, you might consider hiring a professional decorator or home stager or even an interior designer. You should be careful to not 'overdo' it – just because you have a lot of ornaments and wreaths and have collected a Christmas village that is massive doesn't mean you need to set it all out now – dial it back, keep it tasteful and not too 'in your face' - this is another advantage to having a professional do it, they can get it right. Plus, they usually provide all their own decorations and take them away with them when no longer needed so you don't have to take it all down and store it away.
You want to create a good impression so don't forget curb appeal – the first thing potential buyers see is the outside of your home. You want it to be attractive, welcoming, inviting – decorating the outside of your home can do all of that. Just a few simple and inviting decorations and strategically placed lights is enough. Here again, as with the inside of your home, you don't want to do too much. That is another reason why you may to have professional Kansas City realtors take care of it – you know it's going to be just the right touch.
When you decide to sell your home consider what your target market will be and advertise it accordingly. Whether it's to a family with children who need several bedrooms, or newlyweds with no children, or college students or professors looking for a home near a campus – make sure you advertise your home to maximize its strong features and appeal to the buyers.
Selling your home during the holidays can be an overwhelming undertaking. Kansas City realtors can take the stress and worry off you and do it all – the staging, advertising, showing the home, and closing the deal when it sells. Your listing agent can even help with a referral for a moving company.
Kansas City realtors at Re/Max Results have the experience and know-how to market your home and carry the entire transaction through to completion with your satisfaction his top priority. Give him a call today at 816-213-9362, or visit online at http://www.edrippee.com/.

Searching For A Real Estate Agent In Kansas City


When searching for a real estate agent in Kansas City what do you look for? Where do you start? With so many agents to choose from, you may just not know. Here are some things to consider when you are looking for a Kansas City real estate agent.

First you should understand the differences in the types of agents.  A real estate agent is someone who has taken specific classes and passed a state exam in order to be licensed. A hundred-plus hours of course work are required. When a real estate agent becomes a broker, it means that he or she can hire other agents who work under them. A realtor can be either an agent or a broker who has membership with the National Association of Realtors®; a broker is required to follow a specific code of ethics which includes treating clients with honesty and integrity. When you hire a broker you have the assurance they are very committed to you as a client.

You have the option of asking for friend's referrals, but keep in mind that what worked for them may not work for you. The NAR indicates that 52% of first-time home buyers found their real estate agent by friend referrals. About two-thirds of them only contacted one agent, without any shopping around at all. This is risky and statistically often leads to dissatisfaction in the overall transaction. It's always best to meet with two or more real estate agents; it's important that you find a real estate agent who is both successful and is compatible with you. This can make the difference between finding the perfect home at the right price and in the right location, and also it can potentially lose you a lot of money if things go wrong.

With most people in today's society shopping for nearly everything online, it is no surprise that one can also find a real estate agent. To help you find one in your area you can go to websites such as realtor.com® and conduct a search in the Find a Realtor area. This will provide a lot of information that can be useful to you. You can learn a lot about a real estate agent here, such as length of experience, how many properties they have sold, the types and price-range of homes, and other pertinent information.

When meeting with agents don't hesitate to ask questions. Find out how long they've worked in the industry. A seasoned agent may be able to help you more than one with only a year to two of experience. Ask if they are familiar with the area in which you are looking, how many homes have they sold, and how long is the turnaround? Do they work alone or with a team of other real estate agents? What is their client availability and usual response time? Ask for referrals from satisfied clients.

Re/Max Results is a good, solid company, and Ed Rippee is a well-respected and experienced realtor offering quality representation in Kansas City. For an appointment call 816-213-9362 or visit his website at http://www.edrippee.com/

Searching for a Real Estate Agent in Kansas City


When you're looking for a real estate agent in Kansas City there are a few points to consider. Obviously you want the best real estate agent available, but you may not be sure about how to choose one. There are real estate agent advertisements everywhere – on signs in the yards of homes, in the newspapers and online and in the junk-mail ads that appear in our mailbox daily, even ads splashed on the sides of the city bus! It can be confusing for a potential home buyer (or seller) to make a determination on which real estate agent is the right one for their purposes.


A good start to your search for a real estate agent in Kansas City is by going online and reviewing a few websites for realtors. You want an agent that specializes in exactly what you’re looking for. Refine your search to the area in which you are interested and narrow it down from there. Check out individual agents' webpages, keeping in mind a few questions as you navigate through your online search. As most buyers use the internet when searching for homes for sale, your real estate agent should be one who is proficient and savvy in the use of the internet as a tool for his business as well. Compare the listings on the websites – are they the types of properties you are looking for? Are they located in the general area you are interested in, and are the prices in your budget range? Check out the quantity and quality of the real estate agent listings – do they indicate a healthy real estate business with a variety of properties represented, but not so many that your listing would get lost in the numbers?

Before you hire a real estate agent in Kansas City, you should try to learn more about the person. Check with the state board to confirm the agent has a valid license and if there have been any disciplinary actions or complaints. Find out how long the agent has been in the business and other credentials. The initials often seen after the the agent’s name indicate additional training the agent has received. For example, CRS (Certified Residential Specialist, means the real estate agent received additional training in handling residential real estate. ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative) means the agent has special training in representing buyers in transactions; SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) means the agent has special training in representing clients in the over-50 age range.

Review their current listings on websites like Trulia and Zillow, as well as the individual agent's webpage; also ask the agent for a list of properties they’ve listed and sold in the past year, with contact information for recent clients so you can talk to them about their experience with the real estate agent's representation. If you’re selling, ask if the previous properties were similar to yours in price, how long the home was on the market, the location and other pertinent features.

Ed Rippee Results can help take the guess-work out of locating the right real estate agent in Kansas City for you. He is a well-respected and experienced realtor, and offers quality representation of clients with a proven track record. Give him a call or text 913-203-1863 or visit our Website: www.edrippee.com

Kansas City Realtors Are Some Of The Best In The Country


Kansas City realtors rank as some of the best in the country and that's because of the ethics and commitment of individual realtors. A career in the real estate industry can offer many perks – you can work for yourself (who doesn't want to be their own boss?) and you make your own schedule. The sky is the limit when you're one of the many excellent Kansas City realtors who practice with integrity and commitment to being the best.

But the job isn't always as great as we'd like it to be – especially at first. The business of being a real estate agent requires commitment, long and unusual hours, being in a great mood all the time (or pretending to be) and financial stability (in case of a 'down' market).

Local Kansas City realtors and brokers connect prospective sellers and buyers with other professionals who can meet their real estate needs. The market here in Kansas City is unique, and it's important to choose an agent or broker who has expertise in guiding you through the process, whether you are buying, selling or renting. The directory of Kansas City realtors is extensive and offers insight into how to select the agent or broker who will best fit your specific needs.

Successful Kansas City realtors work hard to get to that point, and it requires a lot of hands-on attention to their clients, keeping up with the latest trends in technology and the real estate market itself, social media savvy and lots of energy. Being knowledgeable about the latest market trends and lending establishments, and networking with their peers, is something that Kansas City realtors must do to stay on top of their profession, and doing it all with integrity and professionalism is a given. To achieve real success in the real estate industry, Kansas City realtors absolutely must have a strong work ethic and and know intimately their area of operation.

No matter what type of real estate needs you have, finding the best Kansas City realtors to work with is the most important 'first step' in the process. The Kansas City real estate directory lets you compare real estate agents, read their individual reviews, see their current listings and past sales records and contact Kansas City realtors directly from their agency's websites, or their profile pages on Zillow and Trulia, which are real estate and rental marketplaces online that provide listings and information for prospective homeowners as well as buyers, and connects people with the best Kansas City realtors in the area.

Your choice of a realtor to represent you is possibly the most important step. Call or text Ed Rippee, ReMax Results, today, 913-203-1863 or visit our Website: www.edrippee.com

Pick a Kansas City Real Estate Agent Who Fits Your Needs!


The type of Kansas City real estate agent you choose depends on your specific needs. Many realtor's specialize in a specific aspect of real estate. It can be confusing if you have never dealt with a real estate agent before. You have more choices now than in years past due to changes in the industry. There is competition among realtors, more government regulations to adhere to, and the use of social media and technology which is constantly evolving.

A licensed real estate broker is required for every real estate transaction – they have an obligation and a responsibility to operate the business within the scope of the real estate laws of the state in which they conduct business. Brokers are responsible for the actions of every Kansas City real estate agent affiliated with their agency. Some broker-owners will choose to list or sell property as well as manage the brokerage, while others manage exclusively. A broker is not required to hold a real estate license in order to own a real estate company, but a Kansas City real estate agent who is associated with an owner-broker or designated broker is required to have a sales license in order to act as the broker’s agent.

The listing agent, also referred to as the selling agent, represents the seller and requires an agreement from the seller in which he is the only agent listing the property. A different agent represents the buyer.

A selling agent lists properties, working with buyers to locate properties and representing the buyer in the purchase of property. An exclusive buyer agent limits their practice to the buyer agency only.

A territorial agent, found in larger cities, limits their activity by boundaries, sometimes by streets or individual blocks.

A property value agent, usually only in larger cities, limits their clients by price range and works in many markets. This type of agent focuses on the type of property, such as farms, vacation properties and apartments, for example.

Occasionally a Kansas City real estate agent will form a team of agents, wherein the agents work together to list and sell properties.

Many property development companies will choose a particular agent or brokerage company exclusively to work for them and no one else. This is referred to as a captive agent.

A Kansas City real estate agent who does not limit himself or herself to a specialty field, and represents all aspects of a real estate transaction – listing, buying and selling, is referred to as a generalist.

While there are advantages and disadvantages to all the real estate marketing specialties, you should rely on your specific circumstances and requirements when considering the Kansas City real estate agent that is right for you. You should speak with multiple agents. The most important attributes to look for are honesty, knowledge, and efficiency.

Ed Rippee Results gives no nonsense real estate advice and is a Kansas City real estate agent veteran. Call or text us today, 913-203-1863 or visit our Website: www.edrippee.com

How to Know When You NEED a Real Estate Agent


When you are asking yourself 'Do I need a real estate agent?' there are a number of things to consider. Whether you are planning to sell your home, or buy a new home, it may be in your best interest to select a real estate agent.

Why I need a real estate agent.

Purchasing real estate is an intricate process. There is no substitute for having an experienced professional negotiate for you. This is someone who knows the market, and can help save you money and time, as well as handling all the details of paperwork.

It is important to understand that there is more to a real estate agent than you may have believed – for one thing, it matters which type of real estate agent you choose. If you are selling your property, for example, then you need a 'seller's agent' – this is someone who will work to get top dollar for your home. He will make sure your property is listed at the right price, and made available in the right market.

If you are searching for a new property, then you need a 'buyer's agent'. A buyer's agent represents you exclusively. Some of the services a buyer's agent will provide is researching sales data from tax rolls and MLS listings, demographics and other neighborhood sources. They will suggest pricing strategy and prepare a strong offer that presents you with the best information available based on market demands. They will network with other agencies and negotiate with the seller's agent.

Some agencies are called a 'dual agency', in which agents represent both the buyer and the seller at the same agency. This is not illegal in most states, but it can present a conflict of interest in some circumstances. It may not be the best choice when choosing a real estate agent.

When I need a real estate agent.

When it is time to put your home on the market, or to start looking around for your next one, you should incorporate the services of a skilled real estate agent from the very start. He will begin the process of searching for buyers or sellers and find properties matching your criteria. He will be knowledgeable about properties in the area you are concerned with.

What your real estate agent should do for you.

A top-notch real estate professional will work for you, keeping your best interests in mind at all times. He will search properties, make market comparisons, find the best available deals for you. He will consult with you frequently, keeping you informed of the steps he is taking in your behalf. He will network with his contacts and and follow up on all steps in the process.

There are many facets to a real estate transaction, and your selection of an agent to represent you is possibly the most important step. Call or text Ed Rippee, ReMax Results, today, 913-203-1863 or visit our Website: www.edrippee.com

Kansas City Realtor What Makes One Fail?


What comes to mind when you think about being a successful Kansas City realtor? Do you have a fear of failure, or dislike the rules that apply? Are you short on self confidence, or don't have good interpersonal skills? In 2014 NAR reported 87% of all new agents fail after five years in the industry and only 13% make it. 

I have been working in the real estate industry for 17 years, and I am a member of the National Association of Realtors®, subscribing to its strict Code of Ethics. 

Having moved around a lot as a child as part of a military family, something I have learned to appreciate is the value of community and I apply this understanding, and a strong personal ethic, in interacting with my clients, adhering to my fiduciary duties as a Kansas City realtor and promoting cohesive relationships with my competitors. I believe in truthfulness and integrity in advertising and I represent my clients in a responsible manner.

A Kansas City realtor who fails to represent his clients to the best of his ability damages his reputation and that can lead to business failure. I believe there is only one thing that will cause a  Kansas City realtor to fail, ultimately, and that is himself. His mindset. His actions, and failure to adhere to the principles of responsible behavior.

One reason for failure as a Kansas City realtor is an agent who won't prospect for new business. Prospecting is the number one key to building a successful business in the real estate industry. That's how to generate a client base – how you tell the community that you are there for them. That's how you make your business grow! Put yourself 'out there' and make your presence known to prospective buyers. Stay current on the latest real estate analytics and trends in the market.

A successful, respected Kansas City realtor will follow up on every single part of a real estate transaction. He will spend the time and effort required to meet his client's needs. He will return their phone calls promptly, and call them with new properties  they might be interested in. He will work for them! If they feel an agent is not working on their behalf, they are going to go to a competitor. A Kansas City realtor who is a person of his word, and stays in touch with clients, is a successful agent.

Being a Kansas City realtor isn't complicated, but it does require a responsible attitude. People can be fickle, and obstacles can arise. The market might be in a slump, or there may be a lot of competition. You must be patient, persistent and handle issues that come up in a responsible manner. Focus on the end-game and expect great results and work toward that goal.

Ed Rippee, ReMax Results 913-203-1863 or visit our  Website: www.edrippee.com

Realtors in Kansas City face constant challenges in today's real estate market


Realtors in Kansas City face constant challenges in today's real estate market. Keeping an eye on the "big picture" perspective of the real estate industry, and trends across the state, helps realtors in Kansas City stay abreast of changes and face those challenges. It’s important to learn how other realtors in Kansas City handle the changing industry conditions and work to find solutions. Sometimes we get caught up in just day-to-day activities and lose site of the "big picture".


As we approach the fall season, we are faced with unique circumstances. The current housing market is slow because the inventory is not there. Even for buyers with money to spend and great credit scores, the shortage of properties is preventing them from acting on it because they can't find a home to buy. This impacts realtors in Kansas City because they don't have the listings they need. Agents should encourage friends and family, especially seniors who have chosen to stay in their homes rather than to move to retirement communities, to put their homes on the market. It's a great time to sell a home in Kansas City. Buyers are commanding and getting premium prices for their property, and they are selling quickly.


Another contributing factor to the housing shortage is new homes being built at a slower rate – not because people are not choosing to build, but because of the shortage of materials, labor and land. The growing worldwide demand for building supplies – lumber, sand, stone, concrete – has slowed down the local building scene. Add to that the chronic shortage of laborers, and you have a market slump in new home builds in the area. 


According to KCRAR “Builders in New Zealand are competing for product with builders in California, New York and Kansas City. Shortages in China, whose building boom is only starting to cool, can cause global waves of price hikes and scarcity. Locally, and perhaps even more surprising, there is a chronic shortage of laborers. With the national unemployment rate hovering below 5 percent, many people who might otherwise work construction are finding their way into other professions.”


Realtors in Kansas City can network with other realtors and appraisers by attending conferences and getting involved with legislation which lobbies for homeowners and homeowner's rights, seniors and children, meeting people and sharing ideas and information. Being active in real estate organizations such as Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors (KCRAR) and Kansas Association of Realtors (KAR) are also good ways to stay on top of current market trends and changes.

Website: www.edrippee.com

What makes a good real estate agent Kansas City


A good real estate agent can be hard to find if you don’t know what to look for and Ed Rippee ReMax Results offers a few pointers in your search for a quality real estate agent in Kansas City.

First off, the agent should have a good understanding of the housing market in Kansas City, with recent sales experience and success at selling homes in the area you are looking in. A good broker or salesperson helps determine the fair market value of prospective properties by conducting comparable market analyses. Acting as a buffer between buyers and sellers, a good real estate agent has excellent communication and organizational skills, and knows how to navigate the paperwork involved (drawing up contracts, handling the title companies, inspections, appraisals) and knows who to call for repairs. The agent will have access to records you may need to see in making your assessment of a property. Your professional realtor will guide you through the process from start to finish.Real Estate Agent in Kansas City

Buyers want a real estate agent who will prioritize them as valued clients, showing properties in Kansas City that best fit their specific criteria. There are several factors that could have a huge impact on your decision, whether you are buying or selling. Your agent will be able to point out potential problem areas, and make suggestions based on their knowledge and experience. He will make sure you check the 'big ticket' items – the roof, wiring, siding, plumbing – sometimes things are not noticeable at first-look – your agent will have an experienced eye for these things. He can save you money by making you aware of things you need to repair if you're a seller, and things to walk away from if you're a buyer. There are many more issues that your realtor can help you with.

An important key element of a great real estate agent is being proactive – he or she won't have any hesitation about answering your questions. He will keep you well informed throughout every stage of the process, and will respect your position, not pressuring you when you're not ready to commit. He will listen to what you have to say and answer your questions willingly and honestly, returns your calls promptly and makes every appointment on time. In other words, he has good communication skills, which is an important trait of a good real estate agent. It's to his or her benefit as well as yours that everything be open and above-board. His reputation and success depends on it. Don't settle for anything less than a real estate agent who is proven to have an impeccable work ethic, a strong sense of responsibility and unquestionable integrity.

Ed Rippee ReMax Results is a professional realtor in Kansas City with a proven track record. He has excellent qualifications and wants to be your realtor of choice. Call or text us today, 913-203-1863 or visit our Website: www.edrippee.com

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