Buying a home is definitely one of the biggest investments you will make. With owning a home comes long-term financial ramifications that can become a burden without careful, informed decisions.  Your professional real estate agent, Ed Rippee will provide you good advice.

When buying a home, you can learn from the knowledge, skill, and experience of a real estate agent like Ed. Ed's work in Parkville and the greater Kansas City area has prepared him to help our community through the home buying process. He has unique insight into the market, and he understands the things that you're looking for in a new home. So, whether you're new to the area or you're a Kansas City native, you can count on Ed to make the process enjoyable.

How can Ed Rippee help you with the home buying process?

  • Ed will help you determine how much home you can actually afford. He can suggest ways to finance your home and can also help you in the mortgage loan process by suggesting a mortgage counselor and arrange to have you "pre-approved" for home buying. This can improve your negotiating position and help enable you to achieve your home buying objectives faster and with less stress.

  • Ed will work as your buyer's agent to help you negotiate with the seller. That way you can get the best price and terms for buying a home with ED acting on your behalf..

  • Ed will help you find a Kansas City, MO home that is best suited to your needs, taking many aspects into account including home and lot size, style of the home, features desired, location and its accessibility to schools, public transportation, shopping and dining options, and any other personal preferences that go into a home buying decision.

  • Ed has access to a listing of all available homes in your Kansas City, MO location and can evaluate them based on your list of needs and the budget you have available. This will prevent you from wasting your time with homes that don't fit your specifications.

  • Ed can often suggest simple, creative changes while you are looking at a home that you might not have considered. This can give you a different perspective on a home and improve its utility and value to you.

  • Ed can supply information on relevant home buying information such as real estate values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services and facilities, that may not be easily accessible to the typical home buyer. For example, there may be proposed zoning changes in Parkville MO that could affect your home buying decision that you would not otherwise know about.

  • Ed will be able to aid you with the closing process of home buying in Kansas City, MO. By getting closing cost figures in advance of closing, you will have a better understanding of your budget needs prior to buying your home.

  • Ed will provide you with a list of qualified home experts in Kansas City, MO including home inspectors, pest inspectors, and surveyors to help you schedule and coordinate all of your inspection appointments.