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Real Estate Agent Kansas City Ed Rippee Is The Professional To Hire When Selling Or Buying A Home

Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee is a professional, knowledgeable agent in the Kansas City area, ready to help you with buying or selling your home. Ed has more than 19 years of experience in the real estate business. When you need a real estate agent Kansas City, Ed Rippee is the agent you want to hire.
There are many benefits and reasons why you should use a real estate agent. They include:
Getting into the MLS Is a Goldmine for Sellers
The multiple listing service is the holy grail of home listings. Once in the MLS, a home is sent out to dozens upon dozens of online sites and into buyer agents’ hands, so your home always has a steady influx of foot traffic in showings and open houses.
You must be a licensed realtor in the state to list a home in the MLS. So, when you list as for sale by owner, or FSBO, you’ll have to shell out a flat fee or commission to a broker to have access. The fee already cuts into your cash flow from not using a realtor. This probably explains why, according to the 2015 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, only 10% of the MLS website is made up of FSBO homes.

                                                                        Help I need to find a Kansas City Real Estate Agent
Agents, Quite Literally, Are Forced to Put You First
A realtor has a fiduciary duty to the client, and so it’s crazy not to use an agent because you end up making back that money you think you’d save all the time. Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee always puts you first and helps you through all the steps during buying or selling a home.
Your Saved Commission Money Won’t All Go to the Bank, Either
Agents are generally paid in a split commission deal: The sellers pay typically 5 to 7% of the selling price as commission to the listing agent, and the listing agent splits the money with the buyer’s’ agent. For a $250,000 home, the commission can, at the high end, be $17,500.
Don’t put all that money in the bank just yet, though.
Stats already show that the typical agent-assisted listing sold for $39,000 more than a FSBO, but FSBO who look to skip commission forget about paying the buying agent.
A buyer’s agent is never going to make your listing a number one priority if you don’t offer that agent a commission. Typically, the listing agent will split the commission earnings with the buyer’s agent. To put your FSBO home on buyers’ radar, offer their half of the commission.
Overall, on a $210,000 house, which is the FSBO selling average, a seller who thinks they can pocket a $12,000 commission, really only ends up saving $6,300, or 3%.
You Never Want to Be an Amateur at the Negotiating Table
Who would have the upper hand in a tough offer negotiation: a licensed, professional, experienced buyer’s agent like real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee, who has done this dozens upon dozens of times in their career, or a home-selling newbie who has an emotional attachment to the home?.
Marketing Is a Whole Different Ballgame Than Listing
You won’t sell a home by merely listing it on websites and waiting for offers to come flooding in. They won’t. That’s where marketing comes in.
Marketing is about getting exposure in the best places with the best angles. Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee knows what listings buyers will be attracted to, gets the listing on the best websites, recognizes and highlights a home’s stand-out qualities, positions home showings in the best light, and networks regularly about the house. 
For more information about real estate agent Kansas City, call Ed Rippee RE/MAX Results Kansas City at at (816) 213-9362. 

Kansas City Real Estate Agent Ed Rippee Helps When It’s Time To Downsize Your Home

Kansas City real estate agent Ed Rippee knows how to help when it’s time to downsize your home. It seems like only yesterday you were having your first child and setting up a home for a growing family. Fast forward to today, when your youngest calls to say she's found the perfect apartment and that the chair from the family room would really fit into her new living room. Your downsizing journey has officially begun.
Choosing less space often has to do with a desire to live simpler, whether you're retiring or just want an eco-friendly, low-maintenance lifestyle. When children grow up and move out of the family home, for example, parents are left with an empty nest that's too big for them. Or if adult children have moved out of the area, parents may want to live closer to them and the grandchildren.
Do you have a lot of equity in your home?
If your home is paid off, or if you have a considerable amount of equity in your home, you may be able to sell your home, buy a smaller house in a cheaper area, and still have a sizable amount of money left over. Kansas City real estate agent Ed Rippee knows the area and can also help you figure out how much equity your home has or give you a fair market price for what your home would sell for in the market.

Is your home located in a desirable area?
There are a lot of factors that people consider when buying a home. You may have purchased your home because it was in an affordable area. If you bought in an accessible area, you might have noticed over the years that the area became more popular, and less affordable, as time went on. The more desirable your area has become, the more expensive your home may be now. When you work with Kansas City real estate agent Ed Rippee, you can be assured that he will help you along the way if you decide to sell your home.
Are you worn out from taking care of your property?
Big homes require a lot of maintenance, as do big yards. Keeping a big home clean and in good working order is a lot of work. Mowing a big lawn takes a lot of time, and cutting the grass only gets harder as you get older. A small home takes less effort to keep up, and a townhouse or condo is even less work because the exterior work is handled by the management company. 
For more information about downsizing, and all your real estate needs, call Ed Rippee RE/MAX Results Kansas City at (816) 213-9362. To send Ed an email, click here.

I Need A Real Estate Agent Kansas City – Ed Rippee Helps First-Time Home Buyers

I need a real estate agent Kansas City – Ed Rippee is the real estate agent to hire, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. Ed is experienced and ready to help you along each step of the home-buying process. You've been hearing from friends and family that you should buy a home. So, by now you have likely already weighed the benefits and decided that home ownership is the best decision for you. That's a major hurdle now passed.
If you don’t know where to start, and are thinking, “I need a real estate agent Kansas City,” Ed Rippee is knowledgeable about Kansas City and the surrounding areas for homes. First-time homebuying can be a positive experience when working with Ed. There are many tips and advice for first-time home buyers Ed can offer.
House Hunting
·         Before you begin to house shop, you need to have an idea of what kind of neighborhood you want to live in and the style of house you want.
·         Real estate never sleeps. If you're trying to buy a hot property, move quickly, or you could possibly lose it.
·         When you are looking at a house, you have to have a wish list, but you have to understand that no house is going to be perfect.
·         Don't judge a book by its cover. Same goes for a house. Go inside and look around before making a decision.
·         Properties in good shape are rare, and they don't stay on the market for long.
·         When it comes to investing, the best place to invest is in an up-and-coming area.
·         Feelings often take over the first time you go through a house, but the second visit allows time to do a thorough inspection led by your head, not your heart.
·         It is especially important to have a home inspection if you are looking to buy an aging or older house. They look past the visible surface to the infrastructure, inspecting plumbing and looking for faulty fixtures and waste lines. They check electrical systems to make sure they aren't overloaded or a safety hazard. They also look at possible structural problems like the foundation, walls and floor joists.
·         Reality often outweighs fantasy when it comes to buying a home.
·         It's great to have your financing in place before you look because houses are bought and sold overnight. You could lose your dream property waiting to secure the financing.
·         The rule of thumb is that you should be able to afford a mortgage three times your income.
·         Lenders subtract any debt payment from your income, so if you have a big debt, you have a lot less income -- and a lot less house.
·         Don't forget to set aside money for closing costs when budgeting out what you can afford. It's typically 1-1/2 to 2 percent of the purchase price. That goes toward the land transfer tax and pays a lawyer.
Making an Offer
·         When you're house shopping, you can't pull a number out of a hat. I need a real estate agent Kansas City to help find out what other homes in the area have sold for, how long ago the sale was and what amenities they have – Ed will help with all of this.
·         It's the market that determines the value of a house.
·         When making an offer, you want to go as low as possible without insulting the sellers.
·         The three most important matters when it comes to negotiation are information, preparation and realism.
·         The key to success when buying a home is to trust the experts like Ed Rippee, especially when you know, “I need a real estate agent Kansas City.”
For all of your real estate needs, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer, call Ed Rippee at (816) 213-9362.

Real Estate Agent Kansas City Ed Rippee Knows What Makes Good Curb Appeal

Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee knows how to sell houses, and he also knows how curb appeal can help your home sell faster. Just like in social situations, first impressions of your real estate listing count.  It has been said that home buyers decide if they want to purchase a home in the first eight seconds on the property, so curb appeal is very important.
Here are some tips and advice on how to make your curb appeal pop, and make your home stand out among others for sale:
Plant Flowering Plants Ahead of Time
Curb appeal can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. If you know you are selling your house three to four months in advance, you can have an amazing-looking house full of flowers and color. Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee can help with advice to really make your home look amazing.

                                                              Home Inspection ReMax Results Ed Rippee
Use Rubber Mulch to Make the Property Pop
Rubber mulch comes in a variety of different colors and gives owners the ability to create a good contrast or blend. This gives you the opportunity to frame your home and accentuate the facade in such a way that will make it pop for that wow factor we all desire. It also keeps plants healthier for longer as it insulates from extreme heat and cold. In addition, it helps keep fungus and weeds in check, which gives that low maintenance impression that adds to the overall property appeal.
Create a Path to Your Door for a More Welcoming Touch
Establish a path to the entry from the road that leads guests to the front door. This could be a row of trees, a hedge or a border of flowers along pavers or brick. These elements can be formal or informal depending on the architecture of the residence. Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee will help to work with the architecture of your home. If you plant a very feminine, flowery Victorian garden in front of a masculine, prairie-style house, it will look wrong — like a lumberjack trying to wear a tutu.
Add a Unique House Number Design
House numbers need to stand out, so it’s a great opportunity to turn it into something eye-catching to impress anyone who passes by. Depending on how your front lawn looks, there are many ways to make your house number pop without making a large dent in your budget. Homeowners will love it because you can get great-looking house numbers for less than $20.
Hide Unsightly Items in Plain Sight
You can’t avoid having eyesores around your house. From garbage bins to air conditioning units, homeowners would usually ignore it, thinking that it will take too much effort or money to conceal. However, the trick to these is camouflaging. Hiding eyesores in plain sight can be easily done with paint or a few strategic fencing ideas.
Improve Your Landscape Lighting
Create safe walkways and impress potential house buyers with these outdoor lighting options. The right lighting can increase your home’s appeal, especially in the evenings where it complements your landscape and immediately gives your house a cozy, welcoming vibe. Make sure to choose warm-colored lights. You can also experiment with solar lighting and string lights that are popular nowadays.
Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee, RE/MAX Results is ready to help you sell your home. For more information, call (816) 213-9362 or click here to fill out a form.

I Need A Real Estate Agent Kansas City – How To Stage Your Home To Sell Faster

I need a real estate agent Kansas City – when it’s time to sell your home, Ed Rippee is the agent to call in the Kansas City area. Ed knows how to sell your home and how to get your house ready to sell. One part of selling a home is staging it so potential buyers can see themselves living there. There are many ways to make your home appealing to those house hunting by staging it.
Understand why you’re staging a house.
Staging a house is a strategic move for sellers. A 2017 National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey says 49% of buyers’ agents believe staging affects most buyers’ view of a home. And 77% of them say it’s easier for people to visualize a staged home as their own. I need a real estate agent Kansas City – Ed will help with advice on staging your home.

Get rid of clutter.
The most essential task when staging a house involves purging and cleaning — a clean, empty-as-possible house looks bigger. Remove knick-knacks and personal items from all surfaces. Don’t just put them in closets; potential buyers usually look in those, and you want yours to appear roomy. 
With the clutter gone, do a deep cleaning. Make your kitchen and bathroom. Air out the entire house by opening the windows — air fresheners or scented candles can trigger allergies, and you don’t want prospective buyers feeling itchy. If you have pets, wash everything they touch — no one likes pet odor.
I need a real estate agent Kansas City, and Ed knows many ways to help prepare a home, especially the staging aspect.
Aim for a light and bright look.
Buyers typically like to see bright rooms, so lighting is an essential part of staging a house. Open your blinds or pull your curtains back before a showing. Make sure your light fixtures look appealing. If your lampshades are dingy or your fixtures are dated, consider replacing them. Even dusting your bulbs and fixtures can help let more light through.
Stage important rooms first.
The NAR survey found the living room is the most crucial space to stage, with 55% of agents surveyed thinking it’s “very important” to stage it. Next comes the master bedroom, followed by the kitchen. Your last priority can be any extra bedrooms. I need a real estate agent Kansas City – Ed is the expertwhen it comes to selling homes!
Work on your home’s curb appeal.
“Curb appeal” is a real estate term for how nice your home looks on the outside at first glance. It’s a big deal when staging a house because the exterior is the first thing potential buyers see. Get buyers in the door by doing the following:
·         Power-wash your house and walkways.
·         Clean your windows.
·         Make sure your house number is easy to read.
·         Mow the lawn.
·         Trim overgrown greenery.
·         Plant flowers.
·         Put a welcome mat and potted plants on your front stoop.
·         If you have a porch, include outdoor furniture.
When you are thinking, I need a real estate agent Kansas City, Ed is the professional agent to use. For more information about staging your home for sale and putting it on the market, call Ed Rippee, RE/MAX Results Kansas City at (816) 231-9362.

Real Estate Agent Kansas City Ed Rippee Provides Results From Open Houses

Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee knows real estate, and he knows the best way to host a successful open house when your home is for sale, which can help it sell faster. When time is of the essence, a successful open house with Ed as your real estate agent will produce results.
Real estate agents estimate that at least 20 percent of their sales results from an open house. If your property is presentable — that is, spotless from top to bottom — priced correctly, and located in a high-traffic area, you're well on your way to a successful showing. Attention to additional details in preparation and execution will increase the odds of a good offer—perhaps, even on the spot.

                                                                                        Realtors in Kansas City Say Now Is a Good Time To Sell
Advertise the Open House
Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee knows how to advertise for your open house. With social media, he will post internet listings: he will write colorful, descriptive ads and place them in web classifieds or open house directories at least a week before the showing. Ed will advertise it on his website also. Although advertising online is key, remember old-fashioned methods, too, like an ad in a community newspaper or newsletter, or even postings on a popular store or coffee shop bulletin board.
Prepare the Premises for the Open House
In addition to cleaning and declutteringyour house and making it camera-ready before you even put it on the market, you can make some special preparations for the open house itself:
·         Remove all vehicles from the driveway. Ask your neighbors to help out by not parking in front of your house.
·         Let in the light: open all the drapes, blinds, and window coverings. Turn on every lamp and overhead fixture also.
·         Serve refreshments and snacks.
·         Do not, under any circumstances, use an air freshener: Many people are allergic to synthetic odors.
·         Play soft music throughout the house.
·         Create a bulletin board of seasonal house photographs so that buyers can see what the home would look like during another time of the year. This step is especially helpful for showcasing gardens or extensive grounds during the winter.
·         Put out the paperwork with all information about your home on it
·         A good open house is not just about ambiance. It gets down to business as well.
Interact With Visitors
Real estate agent Kansas City Ed Rippee is always ready for open house visitors. He can find out what they're looking for and, if possible, show them why your home fits those requirements.
And absolutely, get feedback. He can ask buyers what they think of your home and if they would consider buying it. Many folks will demur or be noncommittal, but sometimes they might decide to sit at the kitchen table and write an offer. It happens more often than you would think.
If you don't receive an offer at or directly after the open house, that doesn't mean your event was unsuccessful. The buyers might be obtaining a pre-approval letter on Monday and sending you an offer a day or two later.
For more information about successful open houses, call Ed Rippee, RE/MAX Results Kansas City at (816) 213-9362.

Kansas City Real Estate Agent Ed Rippee Knows The Ins And Outs of Real Estate

Kansas City real estate agent Ed Rippee has experience, advice, and knows his customers when it comes to buying and selling homes, and more. There are many benefits to using a real estate agent - here are the top six reasons.
1) Education and Experience
You don't need to know everything about buying and selling real estate if you hire a real estate professional like Kansas City real estate agent Ed Rippee, who does. Henry Ford once said that when you hire people who are smarter than you are, it proves you are smarter than they are. The trick is to find the right person. For the most part, they all cost roughly the same, so why not hire a person with more education and experience than you? We're all looking for more precious time in our lives and hiring pros like Ed gives us that time.
2) Buffering Help
Agents take the spam out of your property showings and visits. If you're a buyer of new homes, your Kansas City real estate agent will whip out their sword and keep the builder's agents at bay, preventing them from biting or nipping at your heels. If you're a seller, Ed will filter all those phone calls that lead to nowhere and try to induce serious buyers to write an offer.
                                                 Help I need to find a Kansas City Real Estate Agent
3) Neighborhood Knowledge
Kansas City real estate agent Ed Rippee possesses the knowledge or he will know where to find the industry buzz about your neighborhood. He can identify comparable sales and hand these facts to you, in addition to pointing you in the direction where you can find more data on schools, crime or demographics. 
4) Price Guidance
Contrary to what some people believe, agents do not select prices for sellers or buyers. However, an agent will help to guide clients to make the right choices for themselves. If a listing is at 7%, for example, an agent has a 7% vested interest in the sale, but the client has a 93% interest. Selling agents will ask buyers to weigh all the data supplied to them and to choose a price. Then based on market supply, demand and the conditions, the agent will devise a negotiation strategy.
5) Market Conditions Information
Kansas City real estate agent Ed Rippee can disclose market conditions, which will govern your selling or buying process. Many factors determine how you will proceed. Data such as the average per square foot cost of similar homes, median and average sales prices, average days on market and ratios of list-to-sold prices, among other criteria, will have a huge bearing on what you ultimately decide to do.
6) Professional Networking
Kansas City real estate agents network with other professionals, many of whom provide services that you will need to buy or sell. Due to legal liability, many agents will hesitate to recommend a certain individual or company over another, but they do know which vendors have a reputation for efficiency, competency, and competitive pricing. Agents can, however, give you a list of references with whom they have worked and provide background information to help you make a wise selection.
When it’s time for the need of a Kansas City real estate agent, Ed Rippee is the man to hire. For more information about home buying and selling, call Ed Rippee, RE/MAX Results Kansas City, at (816) 213-9362.

I Need A Real Estate Agent In Kansas City Because I Want To Invest In A Fixer Upper Home

I need a real estate agent in Kansas City because I’m interested in fixer upper homes. Should I invest in a fixer upper home? Is it financially smart, and is now a good time to buy these types of homes? Real estate agent Ed Rippee, RE/MAX Results Kansas City, has advice and tips on fixer upper homes.
Is it smart to even consider fixer upper homes?
It depends. Distressed properties or fixer upper homes can be found anywhere, even in wealthier neighborhoods. Fixer upper properties are poorly maintained and have a lower market value than other houses in the neighborhood. 
Many experts recommend that before you use fixer upper homes for real estate investments, find the least desirable house in the best neighborhood. Then do the math to see if what it would cost to bring up the value of that real estate investment property to its full potential market value is within your budget. If you are a novice buyer, it may be wiser to look for fixer upper homes for sale that only need cosmetic fixes rather than fixer upper homes that need major structural repairs. If I need a real estate agent in Kansas City, Ed Rippee is the agent to call.
Are there special loans for fixer upper homes?
If you need a real estate investment home loan to buy a fixer upper home and remodel it, look at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Section 203(K) loan program. The program is designed to facilitate major structural rehabilitation of fixer upper homes with one to four units that are more than one year old. Condominiums are not eligible
A 203(K) loan is usually done as a combination loan to purchase a "fixer upper" property "as is" and rehabilitate it, or to refinance a temporary loan to buy the real estate investment property and do the rehabilitation. It can also be done as a rehabilitation-only loan. 
How do building codes relate to fixer upper homes?
I need a real estate agent in Kansas City because I want to buy a fixer upper home, but what do I need to know about building codes? Building codes are essential to keep in mind when working on a fixer upper home. Building codes are established by local authorities to set minimum public-safety standards for building design, construction, quality, use and occupancy, location and maintenance. There are specialized codes for plumbing, electrical and fire, which usually involve separate inspections and inspectors. 
How do I look for real estate investment fixer upper homes?
I need a real estate agent in Kansas City because I would like to find a fixer upper investment. Ed Rippee is ready to help!
Ascertaining whether the fixer upper home you're interested in is a wise investment takes some work. You need to figure what the average house in a given area sells for, as well as what the most desirable houses in that area are like and what they cost. 
Some experts suggest that real estate investment buyers who take this route try to find a "cosmetic fixer" that can be completely refurbished with paint, wallpaper, new floor and window coverings, landscaping and new appliances. 
Call Ed Rippee RE/Max Results Kansas City at (816) 213-9362 to learn more about the fixer upper homes available in the Kansas City Area.

Real Estate Agent Ed Rippee, In Kansas City, Is Ready To Help You Find Your Perfect Home

Real estate agent Ed Rippee, Kansas City RE/MAX Results, is ready to help you find a home. Ed helps make what is usually an overwhelming process into a smooth, easy process. There’s no need to stress with these tips and advice from Ed when it’s time to buy a home.
1) Research is the key to discovery.
Home sellers won't call you with an offer to buy a home, maintenance-free with the perfect mortgage rate. If you want to find a house, you have to find the gems for yourself. By talking to friends and experts, and spending time looking at different homes, schools, and neighborhoods and you can end up with your American dream. Research can seem overwhelming, but it’s key to connecting you with your property - after all, you don’t want to purchase a home that isn’t right! Real estate agent Ed Rippee in Kansas City will help with knowing your needs and wants in your home.
2) Make a plan and get pre-qualified.
In the home buying process, every decision needs to be clearly thought out. Developing a plan can help you focus on the important factors and organize the entire process. Loan pre-qualifying helps you determine the home price you can afford and presents you as a genuine prospect to the seller. A lender typically uses the 28% formula (your monthly mortgage can't exceed 28% of your monthly income) in approving your loan. A thorough plan will save both time and money!
3) Consider value.
The days of 10-30% annual appreciation have passed. The classic rule of buying the worst house in the best neighborhood still applies. If you buy with an eye towards improvement, you can customize the home to fit your needs. The saying, "Make money home buying, not selling a home," should keep you focused on the long-term importance of the purchasing price as you buy a home. When you hire a real estate agent like Ed Rippee when buying a home in the Kansas City area, he will know which homes are a good match for you.
4) Create a top 10 list of amenities.
List the features (fireplace, fenced-in yard, new appliances, etc.) that are most important to you. Establishing your criteria early on will save time shopping for homes and may keep you from buying a home on a whim. Real estate agent Ed Rippee will find homes that fit your criteria as best he can, since he knows buying a home in the Kansas City area is a big step. Some of your top 10 amenities should logically be sacrificed if an incredible value is available. 
5)Get A Quality Home Inspection.
Although it is hard to believe, more people pay for inspections before buying used cars than when they go to buy a home. Paying for a qualified home inspection before you buy a home isn't just spending "a little extra" for peace of mind; it's absolutely essential for anyone who doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars for repairs after they buy a home.
For more information about home buying in the Kansas City area, call real estate agent Ed Rippee, RE/MAX Results Kansas City, at (816) 213-9362.

Kansas City, Missouri Realtor Ed Rippee Recommends A Home Inspection Before Listing Your House

A Kansas City, Missouri realtor like Ed Rippee will help you from start to finish when selling your home. No matter what your reasons are for selling a home, remember that now is the time to get started, as the preparation for selling a house can take a month or more. One of the best things a homeowner can do before listing their home for sale is getting a home inspection.
Exceptional Kansas City, Missouri real estate agents like Ed Rippee are continually preaching to their seller clients about the importance of being ready for the buyer’s home inspection. Here are the benefits of getting your home inspected before putting it up for sale:
1. You find out what condition your home is in.
One of the biggest fears of most sellers is that when a buyer does get the home inspected, something will be discovered that kills the sale. This concern is undoubtedly justified. The home inspection is often the point where sales fall apart – leaving the seller to pick up the pieces.
But as the seller, you don’t have to wait for the buyer’s inspection. You can have your own done and get ahead of any issues before ever listing the property for sale.
By having a home inspection before hitting the market, you’ll find out the exact condition of your home. Make sure, however, you pick an excellent home inspector. Ed Rippee, a Kansas City, Missouri RE/MAX real estate agent, will help you find the best inspector. Like any other business, there are those who are considered exceptionally thorough and others who are not. There is no point in having your home inspected if the home inspector only catches a fraction of the issues.
2. Verify that the inspection company only does inspections – not home repairs and renovations.
Hiring someone that just does inspections is an important tip for finding the right home inspector. Home inspection companies that sell other services – such as roofing, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom renovations, etc. – have a conflict of interest. The fact that they sell repair and renovation services means they are more likely to see problems where there aren’t any.
You want an objective opinion on the state of the house. Choose a home inspection company that’s focused solely on inspections. If you are interested in the cost of repairs or renovations, bring in a contractor after the inspection is over. 
Kansas City, Missouri realtor Ed Rippee will help along the way and recommend inspection companies for you so you can focus on getting your house ready to go on the market.


3. Find out what the inspection includes and how long it takes.
The best home inspection will be a thorough one, where the inspector goes over every little detail of the home. You want an inspection that looks at every component of the home, including:
·         The plumbing system.
·         The electrical system.
·         The structural condition.
·         The heating and air conditioning systems.
·         The basement and foundation.
·         The roof and attic.
·         Evidence of water penetration or grading issues.
·         Pests such as bugs and wildlife.
·         Environmental issues such as mold, radon, asbestos and lead paint.
·         Appliances and other general components of the home.
Kansas City, Missouri realtor Ed Rippee is ready to help you buy and sell a home. For more information, call Ed, RE/MAX Results Kansas City, at (816) 213-9362.
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